Last Line of a 31 Day Journey

We started with a first line, so let’s wrap up our month with the last. Give us the final sentence, paragraph, or chapter of your life story.

I am not ready to put to pen what could possibly be the final sentence, paragraph, or chapter of my life story.  Instead I will do so for this wonderful 31 day journey of 2016.  I anticipate another such as this beginning in 2017.

This 31 day journey with the Think Kit project has been an eye-opening one.  I participated to see what type of, if any, writing voice I may have had.  I have to say I am very pleased with what I was able to transfer from my thoughts to electronic paper.  Some words brought forth comments while others did not.  There was inspiration for those who decided to reach into my postings to check out a couple of movies which have inspired me in ways I am still trying to express.  I will continue to look for ways to explain how these movies touched my heart.

My next writing journey is put to paper (electronic or the actual medium) my 25 year chapter with my current employer.  In talking with my husband, I discovered I have had some adventures which neither he or my family really knows about.  He is interested to learn about the journey prior to entering it.  I am excited to share it with him and whomever else would be interested in reading about it.  I am counting on two young women whose first names begin with “L” and “S” as well as my husband to provide some guidance and feedback as I transfer my memories of this journey to “paper.”

It has been a pleasure sharing my thoughts and finding my writing voice.  I hope those who took the time to read them found just as much pleasure as I had writing.  Until Think Kit 2017…

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The final prompt for 2016: “Last Line.”






Dream Legacy

What do you want to be known for? Maybe you want to change the world. Maybe you just want to make the best cupcakes known to man. Go all in and give us the deep life-long goal, or share a smaller mission.

I always wanted to continue my parents legacy with my children.  Since there were never to be chapters regarding children in my life story, my part of their legacy ends with me. It does not completely end as my middle sister has a daughter and grandchildren, my brother has two sons who will one day marry and have children, and my youngest sister will have children one day who will all move the legacy forward.

All I can dream and hope for is leaving whatever legacy is appropriate for the young adults and children who are a part of my story whether they be siblings, other family or co-workers.  Maybe there is guidance I place in front of them to consider which helps them get through whatever situation they are encountering.  Perhaps in a discussion we have something I may say will touch a piece of their heart.  Something I may write as I continue with my blog will give them inspiration.  Whatever it may be I will consider to be a bit of my dream legacy.

When I married my husband 12 plus years ago, I knew I would and could never be a replacement as mother for his daughters.  I did not want to be.  I wanted to be a friend who could remind them when needed they are their mother’s as well as their father’s legacy. Though their mother has left their story, she is with them in their hearts and memories always. My hope is to be there as they move that legacy forward.

It is a dream, and one I hope comes to be in whatever way it is meant to.

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Today’s prompt: “Legacy.”

To Continue Writing

Why do you write? What have you learned by facing the page? Did anything surprise you about your reflections this past month? 

I decided to be a part of this Think Kit project to see what kind of writing voice I had other than a technical one.  The movie “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” sparked the thought. One of the characters, Evelyn played by Judi Dench, began a blog once she was settled in at the hotel.  I wanted to do the same and this project gave me the opportunity.

I have found I have a writing voice and will continue to write as I can.  My days are going to be full between what needs to be accomplished at work as well as what I need and want to do at home. However, I will write as I can.

One thing I need to work on over the course of the year is to write about my 25 years with the company I work for.  I would like for it to be something memorable not only for me but those who will also be at the dinner celebration.  I want them to understand the real me, not the me they believe they know.  Having participated over these past 29 days has shown me I will be able to do this.

As I write this 25 year memory, I will share snippets on my blog for those who may be interested.  I will request others to read, and comment on what I have written.  My life story has taken a long and winding path across this country.  Writing about the last 25 years will help to recount my journey.

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Today’s prompt: “Write On.”


Leaving the Story – Princess Diana

Nervous at Airports? Created your first protest sign? Taken on a different perspective? How has what you’ve seen on the news changed you this year?

Just recently I watched the movie “The Queen” which focused on a specific period in time for Queen Elizabeth II and the royal family.  The time was during the United States’ Labor Day weekend in 1997. I was home for a visit with my parents and youngest sibling.

We were watching TV when the broadcast was interrupted with breaking news of a crash in which Princess Diana was involved.  All the channels were covering so there was nothing to do but watch as the events of the night unfolded.  I think we were all in shock that this had occurred, and were hoping for the best.  As the night progressed, we slowly realized based on what we were watching and hearing Princess Diana had left the story which was her life.

Over the days that followed we watched the frenzy of accusations against the paparazzi as well as waited to learn of the details of the funeral.  When I returned to my home in Massachusetts where I was living at that time, I watched the funeral on TV the same as the rest of the world.  I felt sad and sorry for the young princes.  Their mother was gone and they would need guidance and help in finding a way to move forward with their lives. I said a little prayer for them.

The time that followed there was a frenzy of reports regarding the paparazzi, the driver of the car, accusations against the royal family, etc.  It was crazy what was being reported. Only with time, clear heads and unbiased attitudes would the truth come out.  There would be those who did not believe what was discovered.  They would have to come to terms with the findings.

I was saddened by the loss of Princess Diana for the English people.  Though the royal family did not consider her a princess when she left the story, the people did.  She will always be their princess. Her legacy lives on in William and Harry.

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Day 23 prompt: “Media Frenzy.”

Future Travels

Where did you travel this year? Did it move or change you?

My husband is always amazed at how well our trips work out. I work very hard to make certain all the elements for whatever trip we are taking occur with little or no issue. This year, 2016, the travel plans include a cruise, class reunion, a wedding and Christmas.

The cruise is on the Carnival Splendor. This booking has gone through its adventures. It started on the Carnival Breeze beginning April 30th for 8 days/7 nights.  I was notified we had been bumped from this week as someone had come in after and reserved the entire ship. So off I went and changed our booking to the following week. The next notification was the Carnival Breeze was being moved to Galveston from Miami, and our booking was changed to the Carnival Splendor.  For our troubles, we were given onboard credits.  Since then things have settled.  There are 105 days until we sail, and I am keeping my fingers crossed there will be no further changes.

The cruise will depart out of Miami and travel to the ports of Grand Turk, Dominican Republic, Curacao, and Aruba, and finally back to Miami.  We have not been to any of these ports, and are reviewing the available shore excursions.  When I booked this cruise, I did not realize this was the week of my birthday. So we will quietly celebrate as well as relax and enjoy.

This year is the 40th year since I graduated from high school. Plans are in the works for a class reunion, and I will be working on the travel plans to head back to the place where I grew up.  I have only been to one class reunion.  I did not receive information on the others.  It will be a quick trip, out on Friday morning and back on Monday afternoon. It will be nice to see those I went to school with as well as enjoy the hometown pizza.

Weddings, a wonderful occasion to see family and friends you have not seen in an age. We missed one in 2015 due to circumstances totally out of our control.  It broke our hearts but could not be helped.  The one being planned for this fall is one we cannot miss.  I must deliver the father of the bride so he can walk his daughter down the aisle.  I have not been able to make the travel arrangements as I am waiting word on the date.   I hope to hear soon.

The final trip of the year will be to the northwestern area of Wisconsin for Christmas.  My parents age prevents them from travelling so my siblings and I along with our loved ones must travel to spend the holiday with them. As soon as dates are available for booking with the airlines and hotel we plan to stay at, I will start the reservation process. It will be wonderful to spend another holiday with everyone.

It is a busy year for travel.  This does not include any potential travel for work.  The plans for 2017 are also beginning to formulate but they are only ideas for the moment.

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Kickoff of the Holiday Season

What (or who) did you shell out or stand-in-line for this year? Was it worth it? What made you wait in line, log-on early, or form a lifetime attachment?

When each September approaches, it is time to consider ordering tickets to the Houston Ballet’s production of “The Nutcracker.”  For my husband and I, this kicks off the Christmas holiday season for us.

We started this tradition when we moved to Amarillo as I had never seen The Nutcracker. I instantly feel in love.  When we moved to the Houston area, we immediately went in search of a production and found the Houston Ballet performed this classic ballet.   I have purchased tickets each year in the Orchestra Left section of the Brown Theater in the Wortham Theater Center, seats S1 and S2.  Unless we are going to be out of town, the selected performance is always for 2:00 P.M. on the Sunday after Thanksgiving.

2016 will require purchasing tickets as soon as they become available for purchase. It brings a new production with all new costumes and sets.  We discovered this as we sat waiting for the theater doors to open as this was the final year of Ben Stevenson’s production. Pictures of the costumes for the new production were being flashed high on the wall. They looked wonderful, and made us both excited for this new production by Stanton Welch who is the current artistic director for the ballet.

So we wait for word when tickets are available for purchase.  From there we will wait with excited anticipation for the day of the performance, and a new production of a wonderful classic ballet.

And thus will begin the 2016 holiday season…

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Day 20 prompt: “Ticket, Ticket.”





War of the Roses and More

Let’s explore the power of words. Did a writer delight you, make you think, or impact you in some other way? Write a review, or share a favorite line from something you’ve read.

I can’t really say one writer has delighted me but several have.  I love the Plantagenet and Tudor eras.  Any book I can get my hands on about these eras I do.  I love how these writers create fiction out of history.  The English court back in those days was one full of intrigue and suspense.  Families positioning themselves with whomever of the royal family at that time sat on the throne.

One of my favorite Plantagenet era writers is Anne Easter Smith. The first book I read of hers was about Margaret, sister to Edward IV and Richard III, who became the Duchess of Burgundy.  From there I went in search of the rest of the books in the series.  A couple were already written and available for reading.  The last two I had to wait for them to become available.  There are five books in all.  Four about the family and one about a mistress.  I keep on the lookout for possibly a new one in the series but alas nothing yet has surfaced.

For the Tudor era, there are many authors with which to choose from, Philippa Gregory, Alison Weir, Diane Haeger, etc.  I have read books by all three and I would have to say it is a tie between Alison Weir and Diane Haeger.  These ladies write the fiction novels about the Tudors.  I have also read the non-fiction books as well though not as interesting as the fiction.  However, they help to lay the foundation for all the possibilities of what could have occurred during this time period in the world of fiction.

These books take me to a time period which has always fascinated.  Though I would not want to live in this era, I am provided the opportunity to imagine how it must have been.

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