Leaving the Story – Princess Diana

Nervous at Airports? Created your first protest sign? Taken on a different perspective? How has what you’ve seen on the news changed you this year?

Just recently I watched the movie “The Queen” which focused on a specific period in time for Queen Elizabeth II and the royal family.  The time was during the United States’ Labor Day weekend in 1997. I was home for a visit with my parents and youngest sibling.

We were watching TV when the broadcast was interrupted with breaking news of a crash in which Princess Diana was involved.  All the channels were covering so there was nothing to do but watch as the events of the night unfolded.  I think we were all in shock that this had occurred, and were hoping for the best.  As the night progressed, we slowly realized based on what we were watching and hearing Princess Diana had left the story which was her life.

Over the days that followed we watched the frenzy of accusations against the paparazzi as well as waited to learn of the details of the funeral.  When I returned to my home in Massachusetts where I was living at that time, I watched the funeral on TV the same as the rest of the world.  I felt sad and sorry for the young princes.  Their mother was gone and they would need guidance and help in finding a way to move forward with their lives. I said a little prayer for them.

The time that followed there was a frenzy of reports regarding the paparazzi, the driver of the car, accusations against the royal family, etc.  It was crazy what was being reported. Only with time, clear heads and unbiased attitudes would the truth come out.  There would be those who did not believe what was discovered.  They would have to come to terms with the findings.

I was saddened by the loss of Princess Diana for the English people.  Though the royal family did not consider her a princess when she left the story, the people did.  She will always be their princess. Her legacy lives on in William and Harry.

This post is part of Think Kit by SmallBox
Day 23 prompt: “Media Frenzy.”


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