Future Travels

Where did you travel this year? Did it move or change you?

My husband is always amazed at how well our trips work out. I work very hard to make certain all the elements for whatever trip we are taking occur with little or no issue. This year, 2016, the travel plans include a cruise, class reunion, a wedding and Christmas.

The cruise is on the Carnival Splendor. This booking has gone through its adventures. It started on the Carnival Breeze beginning April 30th for 8 days/7 nights.  I was notified we had been bumped from this week as someone had come in after and reserved the entire ship. So off I went and changed our booking to the following week. The next notification was the Carnival Breeze was being moved to Galveston from Miami, and our booking was changed to the Carnival Splendor.  For our troubles, we were given onboard credits.  Since then things have settled.  There are 105 days until we sail, and I am keeping my fingers crossed there will be no further changes.

The cruise will depart out of Miami and travel to the ports of Grand Turk, Dominican Republic, Curacao, and Aruba, and finally back to Miami.  We have not been to any of these ports, and are reviewing the available shore excursions.  When I booked this cruise, I did not realize this was the week of my birthday. So we will quietly celebrate as well as relax and enjoy.

This year is the 40th year since I graduated from high school. Plans are in the works for a class reunion, and I will be working on the travel plans to head back to the place where I grew up.  I have only been to one class reunion.  I did not receive information on the others.  It will be a quick trip, out on Friday morning and back on Monday afternoon. It will be nice to see those I went to school with as well as enjoy the hometown pizza.

Weddings, a wonderful occasion to see family and friends you have not seen in an age. We missed one in 2015 due to circumstances totally out of our control.  It broke our hearts but could not be helped.  The one being planned for this fall is one we cannot miss.  I must deliver the father of the bride so he can walk his daughter down the aisle.  I have not been able to make the travel arrangements as I am waiting word on the date.   I hope to hear soon.

The final trip of the year will be to the northwestern area of Wisconsin for Christmas.  My parents age prevents them from travelling so my siblings and I along with our loved ones must travel to spend the holiday with them. As soon as dates are available for booking with the airlines and hotel we plan to stay at, I will start the reservation process. It will be wonderful to spend another holiday with everyone.

It is a busy year for travel.  This does not include any potential travel for work.  The plans for 2017 are also beginning to formulate but they are only ideas for the moment.

This post is part of Think Kit by SmallBox
Day 22 prompt: “It’s All About the Journey.”


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