Kickoff of the Holiday Season

What (or who) did you shell out or stand-in-line for this year? Was it worth it? What made you wait in line, log-on early, or form a lifetime attachment?

When each September approaches, it is time to consider ordering tickets to the Houston Ballet’s production of “The Nutcracker.”  For my husband and I, this kicks off the Christmas holiday season for us.

We started this tradition when we moved to Amarillo as I had never seen The Nutcracker. I instantly feel in love.  When we moved to the Houston area, we immediately went in search of a production and found the Houston Ballet performed this classic ballet.   I have purchased tickets each year in the Orchestra Left section of the Brown Theater in the Wortham Theater Center, seats S1 and S2.  Unless we are going to be out of town, the selected performance is always for 2:00 P.M. on the Sunday after Thanksgiving.

2016 will require purchasing tickets as soon as they become available for purchase. It brings a new production with all new costumes and sets.  We discovered this as we sat waiting for the theater doors to open as this was the final year of Ben Stevenson’s production. Pictures of the costumes for the new production were being flashed high on the wall. They looked wonderful, and made us both excited for this new production by Stanton Welch who is the current artistic director for the ballet.

So we wait for word when tickets are available for purchase.  From there we will wait with excited anticipation for the day of the performance, and a new production of a wonderful classic ballet.

And thus will begin the 2016 holiday season…

This post is part of Think Kit by SmallBox
Day 20 prompt: “Ticket, Ticket.”






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