Patrolling the Perimeter

Maybe you fell for the girl next door or considered a fence to keep out the nosy neighbor. Tell us a story, draw us a map, or give us a hidden gem about your neighborhood, past or present.

A dog’s perspective of the neighbor from the back yard.  The first home for Hans was in Amarillo, TX.  It was in a new subdivision called City View which grew leaps and bounds around us.  He wanted no part of being on a leash and walking the street we lived on.  He was content to stay in the backyard and bark at all the dogs around us.

Next door was a couple with their little dog named Major.  He was an older dog to Hans at that time.  When Hans discovered Major was on the other side of the wood fence between the yards, he would head straight to the fence and begin his patrol for Major.  If Major was out, the dance would begin.  Up and down the fence, Hans would run barking with his tail wagging.  When the dance was done, Hans would stand looking for Major through the spaces between the fence.  Eventually we would have to call him to bring him in.

Each day this would continue until one day we relocated outside the Houston area.  It would be awhile before Hans would have a yard again.  This time it is much smaller and again in a subdivision which was growing in smaller leaps and bounds.  There are dogs nearby which he will bark at when he goes out into the yard to see who may be out.  The first neighbor on our west side had a dog, and once Hans discovered there was a potential bud next door would patrol the fence once again.  They eventually moved out and it was awhile before Hans realized his bud was not there.

These days the first thing Hans will do when he steps in the backyard is to bark to check who is out in the neighborhood.  If there is an answer, the conversation will begin.  If there is none, he goes about his business and comes back in.  The patrol of the fence these days has ceased but he seems content to just bark as his outreach to the other dogs.

This post is part of Think Kit by SmallBox
Today’s prompt: “Be Neighborly.”



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