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Life is so much easier when you have someone to help you navigate. What makes a mentor great? Have you ever had a mentor? Been someone else’s?

I had debated all day as to whether I would write about today’s prompt.  I had a talk with my husband and as the conversation progressed he pointed out though I had never had a mentor at work I had become one three years ago to one of the college hires coming into the company.  There is a process where the college hires interview potential mentors in a “round robin” session during their first week with the company.  They then decide if they would like to be in a mentor-mentee relationship and with whom.  I was chosen by one of the female college hires.  We would get together on a monthly basis to talk about her challenges, answer questions and provide guidance.  The past year has been meet, and she finally received the opportunity to go on a field assignment in Australia.  I am happy for her but saddened this relationship has come to an end.

But my mentoring opportunities do not stop there.  I mentor each and every day in a different way.  The simple definition as per is “someone who teaches, or gives help and advice to a less experienced or often younger person.”  Each and every day I receive calls, emails, Skype pings on how to perform a process or resolve an issue in one of the two applications I support.  I also receive requests for help and guidance on how to handle a cost engineering issue.  So mentoring duties continue and will for a very long time as I enjoy what I do, teaching and helping others.

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Today’s prompt: “Role Models.”


Author: eldersibling

I am the oldest of four children. I am an introvert, and find writing a way to express myself. I married later in life, and have been a fur momma of three dachshunds.

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