Through My Eyes…

Share a photo or paint us a picture with words. Show us something from your year through your eyes. Did you see something that took your breath away? Or maybe you just couldn’t look away?

Unfortunately there was nothing from my year that took my breath away which I could share or even describe.  So I will share my love of roses especially pink ones.  Pink roses are a classic symbol of love, grace and admiration.

I have always been someone who loves to receive as well as give flowers.  They may not last very long but they are beautiful all the same. Some people would say they are a wasted expense.  Maybe so but those on the receiving end feel special when they arrive whether it be for a “Happy Birthday”, to say “I Love You” or just a simple “Thank  You.”  No matter the occasion they are always well received.

My first bunch of pink roses was sent by my parents for my birthday.  I don’t recall which birthday but I still remember how beautiful they looked.  They were a dozen perfect pink roses with baby’s breath and greenery in a clay vase which was off-white on the outside and pink on the inside with pink roses around the wide part of the vase.  I loved the vase as much as the flowers, and still have it to this day.

The next bunch were pink miniature or tea roses.  These came from my husband when we first began dating.   We were living in Connecticut at the time.  It was in the summer, and a week before I was to head to my parents to spend time with them.  I had mentioned I wanted to take back some gifts for my family and asked if he would like to come with me while I did some shopping at the Olde Mystic Village in Mystic, Connecticut.  He agreed and we met at the Westbrook Outlet Shopping Center to travel in one vehicle.  Once I was settled in his vehicle, he reaches behind the seat and pulls out this bunch of beautiful miniature pink roses.  I was surprised as we had never discussed what type of flower I like or even the color. When I got them home, I had a small glass vase etched with flowers in which I placed the roses, and enjoyed.

Roses – I will always love receiving them especially those pink in color as they will always have a special meaning for me.

What a lovely thing a rose is!     — Arthur Conan Doyle

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