2015: Another Odd Year

As odd years (odd as in number) have gone, this one too was filled with challenges and disappointments.  Too many for my liking but that is how it goes sometimes.  I was never told it would be easy but I would have loved a bit of relief to bring down the stress levels.

Work Challenge:  This was the year of rolling out (or attempting to roll out) a new application for work.  It did not go as planned due to concerns by upper management (rightly so) and results of requested load testing.  In the meantime, plans continue to be formulated in anticipation of the decision by management to attempt once again in 2016.  Also, personalities revealed themselves and a plan is in place as to how to handle.  Now to the opportunity for implementing.

Life Challenges:  Life through a huge curveball this year.  There was much excitement over the course of 2015 in regards to an event which occurred in the fall.  A promise was made which could not be fulfilled due to life circumstances beyond anyone’s control.  An illness pre-empted this promise.  It was understood the health of the individual took precedent over the promise.  However, the build-up of excitement fizzled quickly like a balloon being blown up suddenly deflating.  A feeling of disappointment and letting others down came rolling in like a thick fog in the morning.  The feeling remains.  It is slow to dissipate but will eventually clear.  It is just a matter of time and working to move forward.  Forgiveness of myself.  I am working on it.

The one joy for 2015 was to witness from a distance the journeys for some of the younger individuals who are a part of my life’s journey.  For one young woman, one path of her journey in becoming a nurse has come to its conclusion and the next is beginning.  She has grown and matured in the most wonderful and unexpected way.  For one young man, watching his dream to create unique and amazing food has been awesome and full of surprises.  The wish for him is continued success.  It will be exciting to watch what happens for him in this coming year.  And for another young man whom I have worried about since he stepped into my life journey was to see some joy and happiness come into his life’s journey.  I am happy and thrilled for him that it has, and am saying prayers every day that it continues for him.  He definitely deserves some.  For another young woman who holds a special place in my heart and always will.  Finding the love of her life and beginning the journey of their lives together.  I wish her and her special man much joy and happiness in the years to come.  This will be another incredible journey to watch even if from a distance.

2015 has now completed and with it history made.  2016 is upon all of us, and will bring what it will.  There are many events planned from here in Rosenberg, TX.  Looking forward to them all.  And on that note…

A toast to a better year for all.  Cheers!!


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